01.10.2020 22:39

Hello there!

I am looking to buy Ragdoll kittens. I live in Purley and you popped up as one of my nearest contacts among the registered Ragdoll breeders.

Do you currently have or envisage having a

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04.11 | 23:17


I would love one how much are they pls? Do you have girls available?

19.10 | 21:27

Hi I would like to buy a ragdoll kitten
Please can you contact me to let me know if you have any available soon ?
Thank you
My e-mail is
Thank you

22.09 | 19:20

Please email me at thanx

22.09 | 19:17

Hi, we currently own a four year old seal point boy and would like to now add another member to our family. With a history of four Ragdolls in the family, it is simply the only breed for us.