Traditional and Fully Traceable Ragdolls

Hello and a Very Warm Welcome.

We are small West London Based, Ethical, 'Hobby Breeders' of mostly Traditional (White Pedigree) and Fully Traceable Ragdoll Kittens.

There is NO outbreeding in any of our Bloodlines, infact many of our cats are traceable all the way back to the original 4.

Even our 2 girls from the "RED Line"  are "Old Type"  and retain and pass on the Traditional look!

We breed only ONE litter per year from each of our Girls and never before they've reached full maturity around two years of age.

We strive to maintain the Traditional Qualities of The Ragdoll, our mission is to ensure we breed only healthy Kittens who are true to type &  the Unique "Raggie" Temperament. 

Our queens and studs have been chosen for their wonderful temperaments and deep blue eye colour.

Our adult Cats are all GCCF Registered "Active"and all are PKD & HCM Tested "Normal".

We never re home our cats when their breeding life is over. They are members of our family and have a home here with us for life. Our three neutered cats are 12, 9 and 7 respectively, and enjoy their retirement, living it out with the people they love and trust......US.

Our kittens are raised at home so all are socialised as family pets and raised with the best loving care and nutrition we can give, we pride ourselves on the love and affection we offer to all our pets, and strive to provide the best nutrition and environmental conditions we can.  Proof of our dedication, care and commitment to the animals we re-home can be provided from the many genuine testimonials received from both current and past owners.

Prospective owners will be pleased to discover that each and every Kitten will be 'litter box' trained by "New Homing Day" and every kitten will have been Vet checked and Wormed twice, fully Vaccinated, Insured and Registered with GCCF,  also full documentation and 4 Generation Pedigree record will be supplied to each new owner along with our 'Kitten Starter Pack'  ~ We are always just a phone call away for any advice needed.

If you would like to contact us, please do not leave a message on the "Comments Page" as I have no way of replying. Send us a message direct to our email:  or Click on "Contact Us" at the top of "Our Studs" page for my Mobile Number. Many Thanx🙂

Please Note:

Our kittens do not leave mum till 12 weeks of age. .... One strict rule we observe is to only allow Kittens to be made available to the very best of "PET" homes, our precious babies deserve nothing less.

We have been "Ragdoll Slaves" for several years have provided many people with their best feline friends in that time. Each new adoption is extra special to us, we would love to hear from you as to how we can help turn you into another Raggie Slave!!

To get in touch with us, Please do not leave messages on this page, I cannot contact you from here! Simply leave us a message using our Contact page, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible, to discuss your requirements further without any obligation what so ever! or Email us on

You will find some wonderful pictures of both our current crop of kittens and past litters ... Remember if you like what you see, then please don't forget to recommend us on Facebook.

Warm regards and thanks for visiting

Amanda & Francesco

Best Buddies : Rogano Silvermist and Rogano Giselle

Best Buddies : Rogano Silvermist and Rogano Giselle

Kind regards

Amanda Zanchetta



20.01.2022 18:13

Hey guys. We live in Ealing and were looking for a little friend for our current Ragdoll cat. He's 10 months old. Was wondering if you had any kittens currently or where likely to have any due? Thanks


14.01.2022 17:06

Hi there! How can I get more information on your kittens?

Daniele Pia & Fiamma

08.12.2021 11:18

We are incredibly delighted with our Ragdoll from Amanda and Francesco, very knowledgeable people who breed their cats with unmatched ethos in this field and respectful principle for animal adoption.

Philip Hockley

31.08.2021 18:59

Looking for a kitten to be brought along our new pup. We live in a large property in a small village in Notts. Very interest, male or female. Many thanks. Philip

Amanda Zanchetta

28.04.2021 19:00

I've delt with it thanx. I've contacted the scumbag scamner in person and reported these ads to this dodgy site. Th photo above of the two kittens was on tgere too....Thanx for the heads up


28.04.2021 21:07

Good one! This was not how I was planning to start introductions, I’m interested in becoming a ragg pet owner this year, and would love to learn more about yourselves and available litters. :)


28.04.2021 07:03

Hi, I’ve seen the same photo of “best buddies” on breeders online website. Not sure who’s is genuine?

Amanda Zanchetta

28.04.2021 21:12

Contact me on sorry but I do not get your contact details on this comments page


28.04.2021 17:42

Hi Amanda, happy to send you the link, if you wanted to address this directly. It’s frightening there are so many fake breeders :(

Amanda Zanchetta

28.04.2021 08:41

I don't advertise they have stolen tge photo. The two cats Ashe and Blue are now 15 abd 14 years old respectively.


19.04.2021 07:14

Hello Amanda. My partner and I are looking for a bi-colour blue point little ragdoll girl, could you please let me know if you have one available? Many thanks


15.04.2021 11:10

Hi Amanda, we are looking for a female ragdoll for our family, are you having any kitten available? Thank you Flavia


20.03.2021 11:41

Hi Amanda we would love to have one of your kittens ,please can you let me know if or when you would have one available please. Look forword to hearing from you soon thank you pauline

Sofia Rachedi

02.03.2021 10:41

Hi how are you? Me and my kids are looking for a blue point ragdoll kitten we’ve researched the breed and know they’re indoor cats. Please could I video call you to see your kittens .

Farah Razaq

29.01.2021 18:47

Hi I’m interested in a blue bicolour ragdoll . I live in a very busy house with children

Lydia Kempin

17.01.2021 16:34

Hi there,

I am interested in a ragdoll kitten and would appreciate it very much if my name could be added to the list.




16.01.2021 12:01

Hello. I am interested in getting a ragdoll kitten. I have previously had a ragdoll years ago. It would be indoors only in a flat with me and my partner. Thank you, Jen


10.11.2020 21:26

Seeking a fluffy dark haired blue eyed ragdoll


17.04.2020 16:34

i am interested in purchasing a kitten, and would like to be added to a waitinglist to enable for me to get my home ready for a new member.


18.10.2019 09:38

Hi Amanda
Thank you for that adorable kitten , it's been only 2 days since we've got her from you and she is so playful and cuddly . My children love spending time with her :)

Rachel Barrie

30.05.2019 15:40

Hi there!

I’m looking for a seal point rag doll kitten that will be available at the end of September or the beginning of October this year that is preferably female and so I was wondering if you hav

Annette Foulds

04.05.2019 19:15

We would like to buy two kittens

Amanda Zanchetta

30.03.2019 16:45

Again I cannot answer any questions left on the comments page. Only of you use the "contact us" link. Amanda Zanchetta

Pauline O'Donnell

30.03.2019 14:19

I talked to you about 6 weeks ago and asked to be put on your waiting list for one of your baby ragdoll kittens. Any news yet?

Mrs Pauline O'Donnell

19.02.2019 13:27

I have tried to contact 2 Hampshire based registered rag doll breeders, but no luck yet. I am looking for a female ragdoll kitten

Sara Bamford

18.02.2019 16:57

Hi I have seen a post on Fb that you may be rehoming some of your ragdolls I have two neutered females 1 year and 9 years and two cat friendly dogs I am based in SEWales
Kind Regards Sara

14.02.2019 15:41

Looking everywhere to find ragdoll...

Volkan Kapanci

24.01.2019 14:23

Hi _ How can I reach to you ? I would like to get a ragdoll for my wife

Jessica Tattam

02.01.2019 19:35

hello I’m interested in getting a Ragdoll kitten for my mums birthday at the start of February how do I go about this???


02.01.2019 10:36

I would like a ragdoll boy kitten to give a loving home to. He will be indoor cat although we have a fenced secure garden he can wander to if he wants x Please let me know when you have a litter.


27.11.2018 07:19

Hello I am interested to buy a boy rag doll kitten from you , please let me know if you have any Available


30.10.2018 16:13

We are thinking of getting a ragdoll. We need some advice please

Amanda Zanchetta

30.10.2018 16:22

I need an email to answer. Or contact me at zanca@talktalk. Thanx

Fiona West

04.09.2018 08:21

Hi there my name is Fiona and we r looking for a little sister for our ragdoll girl Daisy, we r first time owners of a ragdoll, and totally smitten, can u help please. x


29.08.2018 04:01

Hi,if you have blue or seal bicolor baby, could you let me know.


04.09.2018 10:33

Hi Fiona I cannot contact you without your email address. Please send me a message at.. thanx


07.08.2018 06:25

So many lovely cats!!!

Ted Wren

23.04.2018 16:24

Hello. Please could you let me know if you have or expecting any Ragdoll kittens soon. Ted

Amanda Zanchetta

23.04.2018 20:22

Hi Ted, Please contact me by email thanx, Mandy😊


10.04.2018 22:51

We are really interested in getting a rag doll kitten. Do you have any available and when is your next litter? Thanks

We live in west London.

Amanda Zanchetta

11.04.2018 01:37

Please contact me by email
I have no contact number or email for you


24.03.2018 17:02

Hi I’m looking for a Ragdoll kitten boy do you have any right now? We live in west london


21.01.2018 21:45

Hello I'm from kingston upon thames and have been recommended you via a ragdoll group. I have two maine coons and one moggie but have always wanted a ragdoll and I think now is the best time to look

Amanda Zanchetta

21.01.2018 21:57

Hi Cleo please contact me by email and let me have a contact number. Thanx


03.12.2017 15:14

hi iwant buy ragdoll…when time have?than how much?


28.11.2017 21:42

Hi . I am looking for ragdoll female kitten to buy . Do you have any kittens available just before Christmas?


10.10.2017 09:58

Hello. We would love to have a kitten just before Christmas. We would like a little girl. Please let me know how much she would be and when she would be ready. Thank you.

Amanda Zanchetta

15.04.2017 14:15

Please leave an EMail address for a reply, Thanx Mandy

Lisha Zaidi

24.01.2016 11:51

Hi. We are looking for a rag doll kitten around London, ideally a boy. Can you please let us know when there will be available? Thanks


24.01.2016 14:48

Hi Alisha, sorry we won't have any kittens till early summer. Thanx for the interest x

Katie christmas

14.01.2016 22:40

Hello I am looking for ether one or two rag dolls
As mine passed away last year aged 14yrs old
Please can you let me know if and when you have any available . I live in Surrey . Thank you


24.01.2016 14:50

Hi Katie sorry for the late reply!! I won't have any kittens till early summer. I can contact you when I have a kitten available if you can send your email to me. Thanx

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I would love one how much are they pls? Do you have girls available?

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22.09 | 19:20

Please email me at thanx

22.09 | 19:17

Hi, we currently own a four year old seal point boy and would like to now add another member to our family. With a history of four Ragdolls in the family, it is simply the only breed for us.