Rogano Rocco.... Mum: Galldora Isabella, Dad: Adtrelo Orinoko of Emerisle. Our youngest boy, DOB: 07.04.2015.
His first litter, sired when he was only 10 months!!..with our 2yr old home bred Colourpoint girl Ashe, was a bit of a surprise and resulted in 7 babies all Mitted, all gorgeous! We are very blessed to have bred, and to share our life with him.

Introducing Our handsome 'STUD BOYS'

We choose our boys for their type, eye colour and most importantly,  for me.  ...TEMPERAMENT.  Ragdolls are truly unique because of their behaviour and interaction with humans, they truly are, a loyal loveable dog in a beautiful catsuit!

There are other breeds who may be, Big, Fluffy & some even have Blue Eyes,  but NONE of them have the temperament of a True Ragdoll.  Once a Raggie 'Slave' you will be one for life...... yet be careful ....they're addictive, one cat is never enough  ......just look at me, it all started with TWO!!!

If you would like to contact us, please do not leave a message on the "Comments Page" as I have no way of replying. Send us a message direct to our email:  or Click on "Contact Us" at the top of "Our Studs" page for my Mobile Number. Many Thanx🙂

Bo (Adtrelo Orinoko of Emerisle)
Sire: CH. Emerisle Apache Brave
Dam: Admewlo Mitted Minx
A Gentle Giant, DOB 2003 but behaves like a 2yr old!! Traces straight back to Josephine in 9 Gens! A reminder of how our breed was in looks and above all temperament....Those were the days!

Griff (Raggadazel Merlin)
Sire: Trever Cat Comedian
Dam: Westhope Roxy
A large Blue C/P boy, 3 years old, with stunning eye colour as you can see. Most importantly he passes it on to all his kittens!

Finn (Finn Deus)
Sire: Raggadazel Merlin
Dam: Bellaroyal Minx
Our Giant Baby!! Just over 1 year old and already a big lad! Sired his first litter of 6 this year! I think our future is in strong paws!! :)

Sonnyboy: Our oldest (and original) stud. Old traditional bloodline, a grand old man of 16!!! Sadly Missed R.I.P in Cat Heaven Sonny.


07.03.2022 14:46


Hi, I am looking for a stud for my female ragdoll queen who will be in heat in a weeks time. Would it be possible to know you charges and location?

20.02.2021 09:16

joanna szymborska

I’m looking for stuad for my Cat Zoya .
How much do you charge and also where you live ?

16.11.2020 01:24


Do you please have kittens available?

26.06.2019 20:48

Delmas Viviane

M'y first ragdoll was old 17,5 old ! you have goût vert beautyfull ragdolls ! Greeting

21.05.2019 13:08



I am after a male bi colour seal point kitten, I was wondering if you have any available soon?

Thank you


30.03.2019 14:14

Pauline O'Donnell

I talked to you about 6 week ago and asked to be put on your waiting list for one of your baby ragdoll kittens. Any news yet?

05.01.2019 13:00

valentino garramone

Ciao Amanda,
Hope I spelled your name correctly :) We had just a talk over the phone, so I am sending this email as follow up.
As discussed, I would like a kitten blu bi-color.